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Republicans cheer ruling challenging health law

The Wall Street Journal reports that Republicans are cheeringMondays ruling on the Affordable Care Act. Afederal judge in Virginia declared a central plank of thehealth care law requiring most Americans to carry insurance unconstitutional.

Vaccines saddle doctors with high costs

By Katie Kerwin McCrimmon The vaccines sit like liquid gold in a high-tech refrigerator fitted with alarms that scream if the temperature climbs too high. A power outage generates a full-fledged red alert. Managers must transfer the vaccines to a safe, cool refuge away from the office until the power pulses on again. Dr. Steve Perry of Cherry Creek Pediatrics in Denver examines twins, Lily and Owen, during their one-year well baby visit. Perry said vaccinations cost the practice more than $1 million a year. Reimbursements barely keep up with costs. For pediatricians and family doctors, managing expensive vaccines has…