REACH: Cupcakes to carrots — tips for healthy celebrations at work

By Jamie Atlas

Whether youre celebrating birthdays, promotions or Friday afternoon, the work environment can add unexpected challenges to your healthy intentions. However, you can turn these occasions into opportunities for you and your work associates to eat healthy and be physically active together.

  • Eat a high protein, fiber-rich breakfast before heading to work. Youll kick-start your metabolism to burn more calories and youll be less likely to fall prey to treats lurking around the office.
  • Have healthy snacks at your desk and take them with you if youre visiting the break room.
  • Dehydration is often mistaken for hunger. If youre in the break room feeling snacky, drink water.
  • Plan ahead if you get hungry, then youll make poor decisions. Create a plan and follow the plan.
  • Keep what you need nearby or in a location away from the sweet temptations.
  • Dont bring leftovers to work to tempt yourself or your associates.
  • For gifts, consider giving certificates to healthy restaurants or a sporting goods store, or try an interesting class like yoga, dance, kick-boxing or other activity to do together as a team.
  • Enlist your co-workers and take activity breaks to get out and walk, visit the gym, take a class, etc.
  • Turn happy hours into healthy hours by organizing an after-work outing to try a new exercise class.
  • Make sure your contribution to the office party includes some fresh veggies and low-fat dip and festive fruit platters in the traditional celebratory spread to make it easier to balance the inevitable indulgences.

Jamie Atlas is a nationally certified personal trainer, wellness coach and owner/founder of Bonza Bodies, a small group personal training fitness studio in Denver. In addition, he serves as the LiveWell Rally Man.