REACH: Small changes to spark healthy habits

By Maren Stewart

LiveWell Colorado has launched the second phase of a statewide, multi-year social change campaign focused on promoting healthy behaviors among Coloradans. From trading soda for water to taking the stairs instead of the elevator, the new campaign provides tools for Coloradans to make small, sustainable changes in their daily lives.

So why are we focusing on small changes?

As research from our previous campaign shows, many Coloradans now have a more realistic understanding of their weight, and consequently, their health status, and have faced a reality check that they need to take small steps to eat healthier and be more physically active. However, people often feel overwhelmed about where to start.

With this new campaign, we want to help people understand that healthy change can be as simple as picking fruit instead of candy for an afternoon snack. We want people to commit to and actually try making small changes that can turn into sustainable, healthy habits over the long-term.

By trying something simple for four days, we can kick-start a healthy habit that lasts a lifetime.

So visit to sign-up for a series of free 4-Day Challenges designed to demonstrate the ease and impact of making a small change.

Remember, every day is a chance to make healthy choices.

Maren Stewart is the president and CEO of LiveWell Colorado, a nonprofit committed to preventing and reducing obesity in the state by promoting healthy eating and active living.