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Medical marijuana banned on school grounds

Dont expect to see students or teachers or other staff members legally smoking or consuming marijuana on school grounds, even if they possess medical marijuana cards.The Colorado Association of School Boards certainly wont be drawing up sample model policies to permit sanctioned use of the drug on campuses, said Brad Stauffer, associate executive director. In fact, Colorado school districts have begun to adopt policies that specifically spell out the opposite.

We feel the laws in place clearly support what our policies say, that is, that the use of medical marijuana is prohibited in schools, Stauffer said. He cited the Colorado Medical Marijuana Code, adopted by the legislature in 2010, which clearly prohibits the use or possession of marijuana in a school or on a school bus.

In addition, the constitutional amendment passed by Colorado voters in 2000 legalizing medical marijuana stated employers do not have to accommodate the use of medical marijuana in the workplace, Stauffer said.

And on top of that, federal law requires that districts that receive federal funding have to have drug-free workplace policies in place, he said. Federal law views marijuana as an illegal drug.

Rebecca Jones of Education News Colorado